Sublimation Couple Cushions Square


We provide premium quality imported Sublimation Couple Cushions with options for single side or double side sublimation. The cushion gives your home a royal and exquisite feel adding beautiful memories.



You can get this Personalized couple cushion to present your partner on your marriage anniversary or Valentine’s day. It is a cute gift and, you can print two photos inside the cushion cover to create memories.

Main Points
  • A couple can open this sublimation cushion extension to show up two square pillows that are cute.
  • You can open the sublimation book pillow daily and, it will not tear or damage because we stitch it well.
  • Print two photos of a couple on this sublimation pillow blanks and, they will love to see them when they open it.
  • The couple will love the feel of this sublimation cushion fabric due to its smooth and soft texture.
  • A plastic zipper on this sublimation book cushion makes it easy to glide and open the cushion.
  • This cushion sublimation pillow also comes with a vacuum filler that makes it easy to shift around your place.
  • The photo you print on this sublimation photo cushion will last longer and does not fade away with time.

Size – 30 x 15 inches

Shape – Square 

Weight – 500 gms

Fabric – Cotton

Colours –  Red, pink, violet, orange, yellow, white, brown, blue and more

Use – Personalized couple cushion, customized cushions

How to Print

  1. On a Laptop or PC using editing software, edit the photo you want to print. Then shift the design onto a sublimation paper.
  2. First, you need to remove the filler inside the cushion before printing it. Ensure that the cushion cover is empty.
  3. In a flat press, set the sublimation cushion temperature and move the design from the sheet to the cushion.
  4. You should only print on the cover of the cushion. Sell in your sublimation cushion shop.

Cushion Variants

  • Album Cushions
  • Digital print Cushions
  • Animal Shape cushions
  • Round smiley cushions
  • Sublimation magic cushion
  • Fur Cushions

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Square, Heart




16*16 inch


Motivate box


Home, Office, Cafe etc


200-300 gm


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