Vacuum Silicone Sheet


Parts of 3d vacuum machine are available and the most important is the Silicon sheet used to create vacuum on St 3042 machine.


A Vacuum Silicone Sheet is essential in a 3d vacuum sublimation machine. This silicone membrane sheet helps create a vacuum in this machine for the tray. With this vacuum, mug printing is super easy and the design’s print is neat and clear on the coffee mug.

Get this vacuum sheet and print mugs with beautiful designs and sell them to earn a good income.


  • This sheet for vacuum press has the correct shape to fit correctly to the tray of a 3d vacuum sublimation machine.
  • The silicone sheet is best to create a vacuum as it fits tight and holds on to the tray snugly.
  •  With this  Silicone Sheet, heat spreads uniformly and the mug gets enough heat for printing.
  • You get clear design prints with this vacuum forming silicone sheet because the ink print is good in a vacuum.
  • It withstands heat and vacuum due to its optimal thickness and makes printing the mugs easy.

Colour – White

Used For – 3d Vacuum silicone machine

Other Machine Accessories

  • High Heat resistance gloves
  • White Teflon sheet
  • Thermostat controller
  • Die Badge Cutter
  • Badge Moulds
  • Id card cutter
  • Silicone Mug Wrap

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Used to create Vaccum in St 3042 machine




45*33 cm






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