Sublimation Heating Tape


Sublimation Heat Tape is commonly used for holding transfers during the process of sublimation. Removes cleanly after use leaving no residue. Inkfinitee Sublimation Heat Tape is a green 1 mil high-temperature tape made with a conformable polyester film.


MotivateBox is the leading sublimation tape manufacturer that gives you the best heat tape for sublimation. If you are thinking about it, do you need heat tape for sublimation? Then the answer is a big yes. A sublimation heat tape allows you to get excellent quality prints that set well on the items. You can easily buy sublimation tape online through our website. We sell the best sublimation tape in Kolkata.

Key Points

  • During the heat transfer process, we use sublimation tape. It holds the transfer sheet to the item while you transfer the design.
  • Always use this tape for sublimation and, you can see that you will get a print transfer that is well set on the item.
  • It is a heat resistant tape for sublimation to withstand high temperatures that you employ in the heat press machine.
  • After you transfer the print design onto the item, it is easy to remove the heat sublimation tape and it leaves no residue on removal.
  • You can use this sublimation transfer tape easily because the tape peels of smoothly. Also, easily cut it into pieces for sticking.

How to apply heat tape

  1. Take the printed paper and align it on the sublimation item to the exact place where you want to transfer the design or photo.
  2. Peel the heat transfer tape for sublimation and cut it into small pieces. Now stick the pieces in different places to hold the transfer sheet tight on the item.
  3. Put the item in a heat press machine and transfer the design with the correct settings. After the transfer, remove the sublimation heat resistant tape.

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