Sublimation aluminum bottle Two lids


1. This aluminium water bottle includes a carabiner clip screw-top, The surface is coated with our high-quality coating,
it can be imprint your customized image and logo.

2. This aluminium water bottle is a perfect travel size bottle for taking to sporting events, enjoying outdoor activities,
or keeping hydrated at the office.

3. Two Caps design, it’s very suitable for taking out for outdoor activities.


Boost your energy and stay fit with this stylish and sporty two lid aluminium sipper. This Sublimation Bottle with two lids is for those teenagers who like to be in trend. Carry this in your sports bag and start your way to fit life.

  • This two lid aluminium bottle comes with a carabiner clip so that you can tag it to your bag.
  • With its perfect travel size, the two lid aluminium sipper is great for outdoor use.
  • You can print your design on both sites of the aluminium bottle.
  • The best aluminium sipper avoids leakage with its two lid lock mechanism.
  • The Sublimation Bottle with two lids has a nice outer finish hold it. You will love it.

Sizes – 600ml and 700ml

Colour – White

Weight – 120gm

Usage – Gym sipper, water sipper, sipper bottles.

Extra details

  • Carry this two lid aluminium bottle to the gym for your water and protein shakes. 
  • We have used stainless steel inside of the two lid aluminium sipper. 
  • The stainless steel is food grade and is safe for you and your family.
  • BPA free two lid aluminium bottle is safe for nature as well.

How to print

Print the sipper bottles via sublimation paper. Use a 5 in 1 machine for this to get the best results. You can also use a mug press machine for this print process. Make them in bulk for wholesale.

Other Variants

  1. Stainless steel sipper bottle.
  2. Two Lids sipper bottle.
  3. Steel sipper.
  4. Sipper water bottle with straw.

About Us

Motivate Box is the leader of sublimation sipper bottle printing and sublimation item importer in kolkata. We give you the best wholesale price in the market. Our product range is very vast. We aim to help people who start a new business. Check our catalogue.

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Motivate Box




Stainless Steel

Microwave Safe


Sealing Type

Screw Cap


600ml, 750ml


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