Skycut D48 Double Head


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1.High sensitivity

2.Simple use, straightforward operation

3.With multi-languages

4.Powerful function like repeat-repeat cut last job Array-freely set to cut many lines and many columns, and free set distance between each copy.


The Skycut D48 cutting plotter is a monster vinyl cutting machine made for those dense media cutting works. The D48 cutting machine for vinyl has double heads for cutting and creasing. Use Optional metal flatbed for heavy media.

Main Features
  • Use Corel Draw directly to make designs and cut them using the D48 vinyl plotter.
  • Get the optional stand for the Skycut D48 cutting plotter to support large and heavy media cutting.
  • With the camera for contour cutting, make auto print and cut with fast speed for any colour material and marks like colour marks.
  • The dual heads of the plotter machine are independent of each other. A crease tool and a cutting tool make up the double heads of the plotter cutter.
  • A touch screen in the D48 plotter cutting machine enables easy use of the device, making it simple.
  • This plotter cutting machine exerts a large 2000G force making vinyl cutting easy. 
  • A plotter printer can even cut a 3M diamond reflective with such a force. 

Technical Details 

Media Width – 1350mm                    Chip memory – 128MB

Max cutting width – 1190mm                   Power – <100W

Contour cutting width – 1080mm    Cutting Precission – +/- 0.01mm

Max force – 2000gms                                Repeat Precission: 0.082mm

Max cutting speed – 700mm/s                 Noise – 75Db  

  • Power supply V/Hz – 220V, 50Hz.
  • Gross Weight – 39.5 Kg


Standard – Power Cable, USB cable, 60°Blade(blue cap), 45°Blade(Red Cap), Plot pen and 1 x refill, Cutting mat, Blade holder, Creasnig tool.

Optional – Scratch engrave tool, Stand, metal flatbed.

Media Used – Vinyl ,cardstock,HTV,fabric,EVA foam and more.

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