Skycut C24(720mm) vinyl Cutting plotter


1.High sensitivity

2.Simple use, straightforward operation

3.With multi-languages

4.Powerful function like repeat-repeat cut last job Array-freely set to cut many lines and many columns, and free set distance between each copy.


The Skycut C24 cutting plotter is more advance than the C16 plotter from the Sky Cut and is the one for more tough cutting jobs. It is a vinyl cutting plotter that can cut with power and repeat many times. The Sky Cut C24 Plotters are the ones to get for long cutting hours.

Main Features
  • The C24 vinyl plotter has many language support and easy use of the touch panel.
  • A camera in the cutter plotter is there for contour cutting.
  • With Contour cutting, you can do auto print and cut the designs.
  • The Stepper Motor of the cutting plotter is very powerful and makes accurate cuts.
  • Skycut C24 cutting plotter machines are rough and tough with their high strength metal body.
  • You can align the pinch wheels based on the need. There is no need for a cutting mat. So the vinyl cutting is easy.
  • The Blades of the C24 vinyl cutting machine have the best design for cutting fast and accurate.
  • Special laser engraving tool with the C- series helps you engrave on wood and paper.
Technical Details 

Media Width – 720mm                    Chip memory – 128MB

Max cutting width – 610mm                   Power – <100W

Contour cutting width – 510mm    Cutting Precision – +/- 0.01mm

Max force – 800gms                                Repeat Precision: 0.082mm

cutting speed – 700mm/s                

  • Power supply V/Hz – 24V, 1.5A
  • Gross Weight – 14kg

Colours – Red, Green, White.


Standard – Power Supply, Power Cable, USB cable, 60°Blade(blue cap), 45°Blade(Red Cap), Plot pen and 1 x refill, Cutting mat, Blade holder.

Optional – Laser engraving tool, Scratch engrave tool, Stand.

Media Used – Vinyl ,cardstock,HTV,fabric,EVA foam and more.

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