Cameo 4 plotter( vinyl cutting machine.)

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The Cameo 4 plotter machine is a desktop cutting machine for the modern maker. With a built-in roll feeder and crosscutting, the Cameo is the ultimate vinyl cutter for small business houses, allowing you to cut directly from a vinyl or paper roll. It also has increased cutting speed and power over previous Silhouette machines (eg Cameo 3) and added a 3 mm clearance to cut thicker materials and Automatic Tool Detection.

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The Cameo 4 plotter is a desktop cutting machine. It is the best vinyl cutter you can get right now. With increased speed and power, the improved vinyl plotter is the right choice for your new gift shop.

Main features of Cameo 4 plotter

  • The cameo silhouette has a roll feeder in it. You can add rolled vinyl sheets to the vinyl machine.
  • This Roll feeder helps you for long hours of cutting work.
  • There is a cross cutter placed at ht back of the vinyl cutting machine.
  • Use the cross cutter to size your project sheet with ease.
  • Vinyl cutting is so easy with this machine as it has a 3mm clearance and can cut on media of 2mm thickness.
  • Bluetooth and High-speed USB 2.0 connections are there to make the cutting hassle-free.
  • Silhouette AutoBlade 2 in the plotter cutting machine gives your precise cut.
  • Our cutting plotter has a touch screen for ease of use and makes it a modern cameo cutter.
  • A sliding lid in the plotter cutter makes the machine very sleek and compact to fit in the work area with ease.

Accessories –  100-200V AC adaptor, Data cable, cutting mat, Silhouette AutoBlade 2

Media Used – Vinyl, Heat transfer material, Cardstock, Photo paper,

Corrugated paper, Chipboard, Fabric, and more.

Software: Silhouette Studio® design software for Windows 7+ and MAC OS X 9.5+

Cutting Instructions

Add your media to the Cameo 4 plotter and adjust the settings for the media as follows:

Maximum Cutting Area 

12 in. x 24 in. (30.5 cm x 61 cm) with a cutting mat.

12 in. x 10 ft. (30.5 cm x 3m) with a lined media.

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8 reviews for Cameo 4 plotter( vinyl cutting machine.)

  1. Somnath Sen

    Very nice sublimation Viney cuting plotter machine

  2. Shovon Santra

    Good machine

  3. Ritesh shaw

    Very nice vinyl cutting plotter machine

  4. Rohit Kumar Gupta

    Very nice sublimation plotter

  5. amlan bhattacharya

    Very nice Cameo 4 plotter( vinyl cutting machine.)

  6. Amlan bhattacharya

    Very nice product

  7. amlan bhattacharya

    Nice product

  8. Ritesh shaw

    Best quality cameo 4 plotter vinyl cutting machine

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