MDF Single Side Sublimation Sheets


We are one of the leading suppliers of MDF sublimation wooden sublimation sheets in India. We provide single-sided sublimation printing MDF wooden sheets as well as double-sided sublimation printing MDF wooden sheets.


Search for a sublimation MDF sheet near me, and you will find us. As we are the leading MDF sheets manufacturers in Kolkata giving you the best MDF sheets prices. We assure you of the high sublimation MDF sheets quality. You can reach us to clarify any doubts related to products, pricing and others related to sublimation.

Key Features

  • They are single side coated MDF sheets, on which you can print custom logos or text. And also cut your design on it.
  • Using a circular saw blade is the best way to cut large MDF sheets, and the 3mm thickness of the sheet makes the cutting super smooth.
  • We give you a high-quality blank sublimation MDF sheet, and you get alive like photo prints with true and accurate colours.
  • The material of this sublimation MDF sheet is highly durable. So, you can make clock frames and wall frames with it.

MDF sheets size – 2 x 4 feet

MDF sheets colours – Whtie, Brown, Black

Usage – Wall Frames

Cutting – Circular Saw Blade

Print using – Heat transfer machine

How do you cut MDF sheets?

  1. Using design software, make your custom design use for cutting along the sublimation MDF sheets length and width.
  2. Take the large MDF sheets and place them on a big table. The table should be stable to make the cutting easy and smooth.
  3. Mark your design outline on the sublimation MDF sheets length and breadth. Cut the design using a circular saw blade for straight cuts, and for curved cuts, use a jigsaw with the bi-metal blade.

Other MDF Sheets

  • White MDF coasters¬†
  • Double Side sublimation MDF sheet
  • Coloured MDF sheet

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White, Black, Brown etc


2*4 fts


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