MDF Doubled Sided Sublimation Wooden Coasters


MCQ- 50 pcs

We are one of the leading suppliers of MDF sublimation wooden sublimation coasters in India.We provide a wide range of coasters of different shapes and sizes laser cut and crafted as per our customers need.

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Motivatebox brings to you high quality double side printable sublimation tea coasters which can be easily customized and printed as per your requirements.
MDF material with 3mm thickness and both side sublimation coating gives high resistance to heating and correspondingly never bends while printing the same.

We manufactucture these sublimation blank mdf coasters and thus only sell the best quality sublimation tea coasters.

Home Gifting in a set of 4 or 6.
Gift items.
Personlized printing.
Corporate gifting.

MDF coasters are 3.75*3.75 inches with rounded corners. Circle shaped mdf coasters are also available.

Both side printable coasters are being made from both side Sublimation hard board sheets with size 4*4 feet
and thickness 3mm.

Printing technology: Print via any flat press machine whether it could be 5in1 machine or 15*15 machine or 16*24 flat press machine or any other flat press machine. Just print on a sublimation paper and remove the covering plastic on the coaster and heat transfer to the coaster and it would be printed. You can print on both the sides at once just remember to put enough pressure via the flat press machine.


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