Magnetic Heart Light


Introducing a new set of magnetic LED frames with customizable options. You can print images and names on it. It comes with a magic switch that turns on when the magnets are in the right place and LED turns on.

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  • The magnetic heart shapes on this photo frame magnetic board make it one of the best gifts for valentines day.
  • Also, these magnetic hearts are a switch for the light when you place them at the correct place on this magnetic photo frame box, the light glows.
  • High-quality led lights in this magnetic photo frame give out a bright light shining on the lovely photos.
  • Print your partner photo on the printing area of this and make a pretty personalised magnetic photo frame to gift to your loved person.
  • Placing this wooden magnetic photo frame on a table because it has a sturdy stand to support it while standing.

Size – 6 x 8 inches

Colour – Pink and white

Material – Wood

Print using – Flat press machine

How to make a magnetic photo frame

  1. Print your designs or photos on transfer paper. You can use design software to make photo edits or sketch your designs.
  2. Heat transfer the photos or designs from the transfer paper to the PVC. Use a flat press machine for this.
  3. The magnetic block photo frame has a square printing area where you stick the printed PVC. The photo frame is ready.

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