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MCQ- 5 m

We are importers of Glitter Vinyl. We deal in several varieties and several colours of vinyls. Solid colours like white vinyl, blue vinyl, red vinyl, black vinyl and several more colour are always in stock with us. Neon heat transfer vinyls, Glitter heat transfer vinyls, Glow in the dark vinyl

, Camoflague vinyl and several more are in stock with us. Vinyl plotters and printable sublimation vinyls are also available. PVC, PU, Glitter, Glow in the dark, Neon, Holofoil, Printable, Reflective, all varieties of vinyl are available.


Sublimation Glitter vinyl has sparkles in it and, it shines like a star. You will go wow with the dazzling show of this glitter vinyl. It is sure to grab the attention instantly. You can get the best vinyl cutting machine price with us or send us your design and, we will make T-shirts for you.

Main Points
  • Your cutting machine for Sublimation Glitter vinyl will cut this heat vinyl easily thanks to its 80-micron thickness making, it thin.
  • It is printable heat transfer vinyl and, its quality allows you to make T-shirts with your design simple with a heat press.
  • Feed this printing vinyl in your vinyl machine to make vinyl cutting faster, as this comes in the form of a roll.
  • Iron the shirt with custom vinyl without a second thought, as it is safe to iron.
  • Now you are worried about washing? Feel free to wash it as you like because it is the best heat transfer material and does not go away with wash.

How to print

  1. Sketch your design in design software on a pc or a laptop.
  2. Feed the vinyl as per need into a vinyl printer and run it.
  3. Once vinyl cutting is over, strip off the pattern and stick it to a t-shirt.
  4. Place the t-shirt in a heat printing machine and press. The custom T-shirt is ready.

We also have a range of Plotters, do check out the SkyCut, Cameo And MyCut


Size – Get the vinyl rolls in size of 20inch x 25m or 20inch x 50m

Minimum quantity to order

20-inch x 5m

A 20″ x 1m vinyl roll gives you about 8 A4 size sheets.

Colours – Gold, Red, Silver

Other Vinyl

  • Metallic Heat transfer vinyl. 
  • Neon heat vinyl. 
  • PU printing vinyl.
  • Glow within the Dark Vinyl. 
  • Flock Vinyl. 
  • Reflective Vinyl. 
  • Camouflage printed pattern vinyl.
  • Metallic vinyl.
  • Holofoil vinyl.

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Gold, Red, Silver








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