S Race A3 Sublimation Paper


High-Quality Heat Transfer Paper for Tshirts (cotton, Polyester and other synthetic products).


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Key Points

  • The S Race A3 sublimation paper has a coating for anti-curl property and keeps this sublimation paper to stay flat while using it.
  • You can print on this Epson dye sublimation paper using aqueous dye-sublimation ink and get high-quality prints on this paper.
  • The clear sublimation paper comes with a short drying time for the ink printed and results in a high transfer rate increasing productivity.
  • Using 180-degree sublimation paper temperature for 75 seconds with 20 kg pressure only then you get true and accurate colour images.
  • When you do the sublimation paper transfer, the product gets a high-intensity colour. 
  • It is a good sublimation paper with 120 GSM superior quality paper giving you excellent prints every single time.

Size – 11.7 x 16.5 inches

Colour – White

Pattern – Plain

Paper Quality – 120 GSM

Paper Quantity – 100 A3 Sheets Per Pack

How do you use sublimation paper?

  1. Using design software, sketch your designs or make photo edits for sublimation paper printing.
  2. Use any standard aqueous dye-sublimation ink printer when you print the design onto the paper.
  3. Always use a mirror image when you print on this sublimation paper heat transfer.

Sublimation paper types

  • A3 Paper
  • A4 Paper
  • S Race A4 Paper
  • 3G Jet Opaque Transfer Paper
  • 3G Jet Pro Light Paper

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Sublimation Printing




120 – 150



Number Of Sheets Per Pack





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