A3 Sublimation Paper


  • Excellent print quality
  • Does not damage T-Shirt during heat transfer
  • The print gives a rich look and a soft feel

MotivateBox is one of the leading sublimation paper manufacturer in India. We do sublimation paper wholesale online on our website. Here you will find the best sublimation paper price in India. If you have any doubts about using sublimation paper, reach us and we will be glad to guide you.

Key Highlights
  • The sublimation paper a3 is one of the most commonly used papers for printing in the sublimation industry.
  • A 100 GSM quality gives the paper thickness making it the best quality sublimation paper for printing designs.
  • This dye sublimation paper absorbs the ink well, giving you sharp and clear images that your print. It also shows radiant and vibrant colours.
  • Do not worry about paper sticking while doing heat transfer of the design because it is the best sublimation paper with apt thickness and high paper quality to avoid sticking during heat press.
  • It is easy to feed the paper in a printer. So, it is the best choice as sublimation paper for Epson printer and also other printers. Print on both sides of the paper.

Size – 11.7 x 16.5 inches

Colour – White

Pattern – Plain

Paper Quality – 100 GSM

Paper Quantity – 100 A3 Sheets Per Pack

How do you print on sublimation paper?

  1. Take the amount of sublimation paper as per your need and feed them in a printer feeder to make it ready for printing.
  2. Using design software, sketch your design or edit photos that you want to print on sublimation paper.
  3. After your design or picture is ready, select the printer and send the file for making the sublimation paper design.

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Number of sheets

100 per packet




Sublimation Printing




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