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At MotivateBox, we do sublimation metal sheets wholesale, and we will give you the best sublimation metal sheets rate in the market. We are the leading sublimation metal sheets manufacturers in India, and the sublimation aluminium sheet is of the best quality that you will find. Reach us for a sublimation metal sheets video for the printing process. 

Key Highlights 

  • The material is the best for sublimation on metal sheets which gets the images embedded.
  • You can make various sublimation metal sheet designs by sublimation as it is easy to do it with the optimal thickness of the metal sheet.
  • Get to see vibrant and radiant colours of the sublimation metal sheets images which makes the sublimation items look pretty.
  • The sublimation aluminium sheet has aluminium material which is the best pick for the sublimation.
  • We ensure you a long life with the sublimation aluminium metal sheets.

Sublimation metal sheets dimensions – 12 x24 inches

Colour – Gold, Silver, white

Usage – MDF globulite frames, rakhi, pop sockets

How to do sublimation on metal

  1. With design software, sketch your designs or make photo edits to print them on a transfer sheet.
  2. Stick the printed transfer sheet on the sublimation metal blanks with help of heat tape to hold it in the position.
  3. Make correct settings in the heat press machine and transfer it to get sublimation metal sheets designs.

Sublimation metal sheets list

  • Gold Metal Sheet
  • White Metal Sheet
  • Silver Metal Sheet 

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