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Search for a sublimation MDF sheet near me to find us and buy MDF sheets online. We are the leading MDF sheets manufacturers in Kolkata. At MotivateBox, we sell the best price MDF sheets and MDF coasters. 

Key Points

  • We have coloured MDF sheets with which you can get attractive designs. The colours do not fade away and are vibrant.
  • Single side and double side coated MDF sheets are available with us. You can cut these MDF sheets with a custom design and also sublimate them.
  • The sublimation MDF sheet and MDF coasters have a 3mm thickness, due to which it is easy to sublimate on them.
  • We use robust material to give you a high sublimation MDF sheets quality making it durable and retain the sublimation transferred designs forever.
  • The sublimation MDF sheets are durable and yet easy to cut with a circular saw blade which is the best way to cut MDF sheets.

How do you cut MDF sheets?

  1. Place the large MDF sheets on a table to cut them. Make sure that the table is sturdy to make cutting MDF sheets easier and accurate.
  2. Mark the design on the blank MDF sheet and cut using a circular saw blade. If you want curved cutting use, a jigsaw with a bi-metal blade.

How to sublimate MDF

  1. Using design software, make your photo edits or sketch designs. Print the images of MDF sheets on a sublimation paper.
  2. Stick the printed paper on MDF sheets or MDF coasters with heat tape. Use correct settings and heat press them in a heat transfer machine.

Other Sheets

  • White MDF coasters¬†
  • Double Side Sublimation MDF sheet
  • Coloured MDF sheets
  • Single Side Sublimation MDF sheet

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