Papers and Sheets

At MotivateBox, we deal in three types of sublimation sheets:

  1. Metal Sheets
  2. Sublimation Papers
  3. MDF Sheets

Sublimation Papers 

  • You will get the best quality sublimation paper with us, which has an adequate thickness suitable for both printing and sublimation transfers.
  • While you do the transfer the paper does not stick to the fabric. Also, after the image transfer, you get a soft touch improving the feel of the fabric.

Paper Quality – 80GSM, 100 GSM, 120 GSM

Sublimation Paper Sizes – a3 sublimation paper & a4 sublimation paper   

Sublimation paper types

  • 3G Jet Opaque Transfer Paper
  • 3G Jet Pro Light Paper
  • A4 Paper
  • S Race A4 Paper
  • A3 Paper
  • S Race A3 Paper

MDF sheets And Coasters 

  • The sublimation process is easy for you now because of the 3mm thickness of the MDF sheet and MDF coasters.
  • We use a standard quality sublimation coating to give your image transfers with long life and vibrant colours on the MDF sheets and coasters.
  • Coloured MDF sheets are the in-demand item hence they are available with us.

Sublimation Sides – Double and Single

Material – MDF 

Thickness – 3mm

Other MDF Sheets

  • White MDF coasters 
  • Double Side Sublimation MDF sheet
  • Coloured MDF sheets
  • Single Side Sublimation MDF sheet

Sublimation Metal Sheets

  • These have high durability due to the metal we use to make them. Thus they increase the life of your sublimation items.
  • The sublimation metal sheets design you make last long. moreover, you get bright colours on the metal sheets, making it look attractive.

Sublimation metal sheets dimensions – 12 x24 inches

Colour – White, Silver, Gold

Usage –  MDF globulite frame

Sublimation metal sheets list

  • Gold Metal Sheet
  • White Metal Sheet
  • Silver Metal Sheet 

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