Cutting plotters are the types of plotters that have blades to make cuts on various media. They use vector graphics drawing to help with computer-aided cutting on media like vinyl, wood, acrylic etc. Modern plotters are very easy to use with touch screens. These plotter printers are fast and use less power so that you can do your work at a hasty rate.

Some of the Features
  • The cutter plotters are from reputed brands like Silhouette, my sign, Sky Cut.
  • These plotters use the power of less than 100W to help you save current.
  • The cutting force of the plotter machine ranges from 800gm – 2000gm.
  • Fast USB and U – disk interface are there in the cutting machine to send hasty signals.
  • A Strong metal body of the vinyl cutting machines makes them durable, gives them a long life. 
  • Some of our cutting plotters can cut media up to 1.5m.
  • Many languages are there in the plotter cutting machine to make its use easy.
Technical Details

Power – <100W     Max Moving Speed – 700mm/s

Sound – <75Db     Max Cutting Speed – 600mm/s

Max force – 800g to 2000G

Cutting precision – 0.01mm

Repeat precision – 0.082mm

The different types of plotters available

  • Cameo 4 plotter machine
  • Skycut C24 vinyl plotter
  • Sky Cut C16 vinyl cutter
  • SkyCut D48 cutting plotter
  • Sky Cut D24 Vinyl Cutting machine.
  • My Cut Mini Plotter
  • Cameo 4 Pro
  • Skycut V16 Plotter
  • Skycut V60 Plotter

We also have all sorts of Heat Transfer Vinyl available with Us

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