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sublimation machine parts/accessories are essential parts of sublimation machines like the heat press machine, 5 in printing machine, 3d vacuum sublimation machine, badge cutter and many more. These accessories are a prime part of the machine and help in their working.

Teflon sheet, silicone pad, and temperature controller are accessories for the heat press machines. A white Teflon sheet helps you cover the sublimation items while you make a transfer of the design to them with the heat press machines. A temp control allows you to set the heat and time for this machine to get the best output. Use a silicone heat pad to spread the heat uniformly and get good results.

Get the heat and cut resistant gloves for your safety. High heat resistant gloves help you handle hot items that come out from sublimation machines. They are also thick and avoid cuts making them the best heat resistant gloves. The badge mould is a prime part of the badge cutting machine as they are the ones in which put all the badge parts and press them to make a badge. The badge mould bears all the force you apply and produces a badge with the help of that force.

 These mug clamps hold the mug and give enough heat while you transfer the design.

The ID card cutter and die badge cutter is for cutting the designs out of the printed sheets for ID cards and badges. They are manual and easy to use with a simple pull-down lever. They save you money.

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