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Types Sublimation Machines

If you are planning to start a sublimation business, firstly, you will require Sublimation machines. The heat press machines are the ones that help you make your custom designs/photos on various sublimation items. Some of the sublimation items include t-shirts, coffee mugs, MDF frames etc.

  • Heat press machines

Sublimation machines, heat transfer machines in particular help you to print your photo/designs on several sublimation products.

Because of the heat produced by the machine the, photo/design on the sublimation paper moves to the sublimation item.

  • Flat heat press

The flat transfer machine is available mainly in two sizes

  1. 15 x 15 flat press
  2. 16 x 24 flat press

If you want to print t-shirts, then the flat press machine is the best choice for you.

  • Mug printing machine

We have two variants of mug press machines:

  1. Single mug press – Print on the mug at a time
  2. Dual mug press – Print two mugs at a time

You can print coffee mugs with the mug press machine

  • 5 in 1 heat press

This heat press machine helps you to print multiple sublimation items all in one machine. The products you can make are

  1. T-shirts
  2. Coffee mugs
  3. Custom Caps
  4. Flat items
  • Badge machines

By using these machines you can make badges of various sizes and shapes.

Badge machines available with us

  1. Pneumatic badge machine
  2. Automatic badge machine
  3. Rectangle badge machine – 55mm
  4. Square badge machine – 80 x 53mm, 68 x 24mm
  • Vacuum sublimation machine

This machine is best for making custom mobile covers. Also, you can make the following items with it:

  1. MDF frames
  2. Coffee mugs
  3. Sipper bottles

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