Sublimation Rock Frame

At MotivateBox, we do sublimation rock frame wholesale. Buy sublimation rock frame online through our website and get the best sublimation frame quotes. Choose the sublimation rock frame design from the various designs we have. 

Key Features 

  • All the latest sublimation rock frame models are elegant and classic pieces of home decor. Add to your living area and get good vibes.
  • We send you the rock frame in a sublimation rock frame cover to prevent damage to the item during transit.
  • The sublimation rock frame holder helps you place the rock frame on a tabletop or shelf without falling.
  • You get a glossy finish on the sublimation stone and makes it eye catchy in your living area and makes it look eye-catchy in your home decor items.
  • The high sublimation rock frame quality makes durable prints with alive like pictures and makes you dive into the memories.

Sublimation rock frame size – Various Sizes   Sublimation rock frame material – Rock

Print using – Flat Press Machine    Usage – Custom Gift, Home Decor Item

How to do sublimation printing

  1. Make the prints of your sublimation rock frame pictures on the transfer sheet. You can edit them according to your taste before printing.
  2. Then stick the transfer sheet on the sublimation frame blank with heat tape. The heat tape holds the transfer sheet in place.
  3. Make sure to use the correct settings for the heat press machine while you do sublimation printing. This design transfers to the sublimation blank frame.

Sublimation Rock Frame Wholesale types

  • SH – 02 Rock Frame
  • SH – 38 Rock Frame
  • 15 Rock Frame
  • SH – 39 Rock Frame
  • SH – 04 Rock Frame
  • 60 Rock Frame
  • SH – 25 Rock Frame
  • SH – 01 Rock Frame

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