MDF Frame

We do sublimation MDF frame wholesale and, we will give you the best sublimation MDF frame online prices. You can order sublimation MDF quantity as per your need and, we will send you in a box package that will reach you safely without any damage to the MDF frames.

Main points

  • The laser cutting gives a precise and clean MDF frame design that is very beautiful.
  • You can print memorable photos that will stay long and not fade away because the printable MDF frame quality is high.
  • Decorate your living space with this MDF frame to make a personalised MDF frame wall to look every day.
  • The customised MDF frame thickness is 3mm which, makes it easy to move. Also, with a 3mm MDF printing area, you can print good quality images.

Sublimation MDF frame sizes – Minimum – 8 x 7.5 inches and Maximum – 20 x 20 inches

MDF frame colour – Black, Red, Green, Purple, Crimson.

Shape – Oval, Rectangle, circle, square

MDF frame material – MDF printable area and Melamine coated MDF frame.

Print Using – Flat press or 5 in 1 printing machine

How to sublimate MDF

  1. Preheat the printable MDF frame area with a heat press and remove the plastic layer above it.
  2. Make your sketch or edit photos on design software and print them on a transfer sheet.
  3. Shift the customisable MDF frame images from the sheet to the MDF printing area.
  4. Stick the printed MDF to the personalisable MDF frame background with the help of glue or double side tape.

Sublimation MDF frame types

  • MDF frame with clock
  • Collage MDF frames
  • MDF frame for a couple
  • Printable MDF frames
  • Friends MDF frames

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