MD Globulite Frames

Search for a wedding frame near me to find us. You can order a photo frame online through our website. We will send you the photo frames in safe packaging to deliver you the product without any damage.

Key Highlights

  • We have various large white picture frames with unique designs. You can add these photo frames to your home decor space to remember your memories.
  • You print your photos on a metal sheet and stick them on the homemade picture frames. The metal sheet gives you vibrant and durable photos.
  • The MDF frame material of the personalized picture frames gives them a long life. Also, the MDF material gives a premium look.
  • A stand on the personalized picture frames makes it easy to place them on any flat surface like a shelf or tabletop. The stand supports them and prevents their fall.

Use – anniversary frame, wedding photo frame, love photo frames, Christmas photo frame.

Size – 225 x 245 x 12mm  Printing Area – 235 x 185 mm

Minimum Order Quantity – 24

Sublimation of large white picture frames

  1. Edit your photos with help of design and editing software. After that print them on a transfer paper.
  2. Take the metal sheet and remove the protective layer from it. Now, stick the printed paper on the metal sheet.
  3. In the heat press machine, set the time and temperature. Then place the metal sheet in the machine, and sublimate it.
  4. Peel off the protective layer from the photo frame. After that stick the printed metal sheet to make custom picture frames.

Unique Photo Frame

  • MDF 052 Globule Frame
  • 054 Globule Frame
  • MDF 055 Globule Frame
  • 011 Globule Frame

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