Magnetic Photo Frames

If you are searching for where to buy magnetic photo frames? Then you are at the right place. MotivateBox provides you with the best magnetic photo frame. We have a magnetic frame photo frame both with and without light. Order magnet photo frames bulk from us at wholesale rate and sell them at your retail gift store or e-commerce sites like Amazon or Flipkart.

Main Highlights

  • The photo frame magnetic board has several magnetic designs for birthdays, valentines day, marriage anniversary and other special occasions.
  • You can print photos of your memories on this custom magnetic photo frame and, it will remind you of those lovely moments.
  • Place the magnetic photo frame box on a table or shelf and, a sturdy stand prevents it from falling.
  • The magnetic photo frames wooden, with a light, glow up when you put the magnetic switch at the correct place.
  • The wooden magnetic photo frame that glows have a bright led light and shine the photo with dazzling light.

Size – 6 x 12 inches and 6 x 8 inches

Colour – Many colours available

Material – Wood

Print using – Flat press machine

How to make a magnetic photo frame

  1. On design software, sketch your design or edit your photos and print it on a transfer paper. 
  2. Use a heat press and move the designs or photos from the transfer paper to the PVC.
  3. The magnetic block photo frame has a printing area where you stick the printed PVC. The photo frame is ready.

Personalised magnetic photo frame

  • Happy Birthday Magnet 
  • Magnet Heart Frame
  • Magnetic Married Couple Light
  • Window magnet light
  • Birthday magnet light 
  • Heart Magnet Light

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