Heat Transfer Vinyl For Sublimation

A Heat Transfer Vinyl is a base for making any design for custom T-shirts. And the heat transfer vinyl is the best fit for that job. The printing vinyl is cut into many designs by the vinyl printer. You can reach us to get the best vinyl cutting machine price. Here we take you through some prime points of our heat vinyl.

Size – 20inch x 25m or 20inch x 50m     Minimum Order Quantity – 20-inch x 5m

Main Points

  • Our printable Heat Transfer Vinyl is super thin at 80 microns and, your vinyl machine will glide smoothly while cutting.
  • The import quality printing vinyl is easy to set on T-shirts with a hot strip of gum. 
  • Vinyl for shirts will last long because of their high quality.
  • Wash a T-shirt with custom vinyl and, you will see for yourself that it does not go away after the wash.
  • The heat vinyl can bear the heat and, you can iron the clothes having them without spoiling them.
  • We give you the Vinyl in Roll form so, it is easy to feed in a cutting machine for vinyl.

Printing Method

  1. Make your sketch in design software.
  2. Feed the vinyl roll into a vinyl printer and run the printer for vinyl cutting.
  3. Custom vinyl is ready, now peel off the pattern and place on T-shirt.
  4. With a flat press, adhere the vinyl design onto the T-shirt.

You can also share your designs with us and, we will make T-shirts for you. Pure cotton clothes with vinyl design are high in demand so, leverage the chance.

We have various types of vinyl cutting machine. Here is the list of different Plotters.

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