About Us

About the Founder

An enthusiastic and upbeat person, Mr. Kunal Bagaria has a tremendous amount experience in the corporate world. A former consultant at CapGemini, he left his job to venture into the world of start-ups.

With over 5 years in this field, Mr. Bagaria has given to the world of start-ups many companies to look out for. He was the founder of ePletro.com, a company that offered web and graphics related services, from Website Designing and Development to SEO and professional graphics and video making. He also founded Zingroo.com, an experimental online booking platform that eased the process of finding details about spas/salons and booking them, to save the user’s time, energy and money prior to their visit.

An alumnus of West Bengal University of Technology in Computer Science, his current venture Motivate Box aims to make online shopping cheap and convenient for shoppers looking for quality products at fair prices. He has an eye for detail and perfect work ethics. A keen mind in business, he is a very humble and soft-spoken hard worker, the kind of boss an employee looks up to.

About the Company

How many times during online shopping have you overpaid for simple necessities as phone covers, cushions, mugs etc.? The monopoly in the online shopping market has increased prices drastically, forcing you to buy from the very few stores' everyone knows about. That’s when Motivate Box’s founder, Mr. Kunal Bagaria came up with a solution to this! Introducing Motivate Box, your one-stop destination for cheap and fair-priced online lifestyle goods.

There can be a million distractions at your workplace. Looking for motivational merchandise to spice it up and make it more efficient at the same time? Motivate Box is the place you’re looking for! With hundreds of designs, there is nothing more perfect for your home or workplace than the frames and posters at Motivate Box. Looking for cheap-long lasting covers for your phones? With thousands of designs for over 170 models, we’ve got you covered! Our digitally-printed mugs, designer cushions with fillers, t-shirts with witty taglines, mouse pads are some more products to watch out for!

With authentic designs from a very diverse design teams, there is something for everyone. With highly discounted rates and free delivery, Motivate Box is a very convenient platform to buy contemporary goods. Our wide range of designs make our products suitable for gifting at any occasion, be it a festival or a gift for a loved one or any casual occasion. This wide-range of products ensures that people of every age and with varying tastes and interests can find something that best suits their needs. With wallets, belts, bags and several other products to be launched soon, Motivate Box has plans of expanding in its pipeline. Customer satisfaction is our primary objective. We have a very dedicated customer hotline number and online support for whenever you need. You’ll find hundreds of positive reviews and responses from our happy customers here. What are you waiting for? Shop from our website today!