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Every day new apps are being released all over the world; some are free of cost while some have to be paid for. 2017 is one such year that has seen the release of new useful apps, which have changed the way we look at our smartphones. Here, we have listed below a few apps that are free of cost and are also useful for any generation:-

1. Gboard- the Google Keyboard (Free)

Bored of your old keyboard, download a new and interesting one. The Google keyboard is free of cost on the play store. It is quite interesting because it has a built-in Google search that allows you to search anything on Google without leaving your chat window. You can search a GIF and send it your friend ASAP.

2. Avast Antivirus and Security (Free, in-app purchases)

You should install this antivirus in order to keep your phone safe from viruses and malwares. Many viruses can affect your phone’s activity and thus harm it. Although this app offers most of the features for free but in case you need more security you can buy the in-app features such as remote data recovery.

3. Greenify

Everyone wants their phone’s battery to last longer. This is the app for it works in the background and helps in the regulation of the battery usage by the different apps. It stops the apps that you don’t want to use and later opens them when you want to use them accordingly. This app also helps you to increase your smartphone’s battery life.

4. Clean Master (Free)

Sometimes, the residual files and the stored cache slow down your device. However this app helps you to clean your phone, delete the junk files, cache files and the residual files from different apps.  It scans your entire device and deletes all the cache files and the residual files.

These apps are really useful for a smartphone user. Do try these and let us know which one you liked in the comment section below. Also, share this article with your friends and family to help them with different problem. Enjoy updating your phone with the new android apps released in 2017.

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