How to take care of your Phone

In today’s modern world, a smartphone holds more importance than food. We can surely live without food for more than 5 hours but not without a smartphone. So, here are some tips and tricks to take care of your smartphone and thus save it from the damage. Look at the list below and do tell us, which one tip you found really useful in the comment section below:-

1. Use screen protector

As soon as you get your new smartphone you should get the screen protector also. Screen protector comes in different varieties but the best one is tempered glass. This screen protector keeps your phone safe from scratches and damage. Personally, speaking I dropped my phone one day but, tempered glass surely saved the screen from breaking.

2. Mobile cases

Another important point to protect your phone from damage is mobile cases. It protects your phone, if you accidentally drop it, or throw it instinctively. One stop for all kinds of mobile cases is Motivate Box. Here, you can find a wide variety of mobile covers to choose from. You will surely find that one mobile case you have always been looking for at “Motivate Box”. So, do check out their collection and keep your smartphone safe.

3. Antivirus

You should always install an antivirus on your smartphone that protects it from various malware and threats. And, you should always download some song, movie, or anything from some trusted and verified sites. Do not trust any sites that pop up in the advertisements. You should always install some clean-up app that cleans any cache accumulated on your smartphone over time.

4. Recharge

In order to increase your phone’s battery life, you should charge it regularly. You should keep your smartphone’s battery between the ranges of 40% to 80%. This not only increases your phone’s battery life but also decreases the chances of the battery catching fire while charging.

5. Backup

One of the most important tip for smartphone users is to backup their data. You should always backup you data either on the cloud or on your computer. In case anything wrong happens, at least you don’t need to worry about you important files.

I hope this article serves the purpose of protecting your smartphone. You should always be careful with your smartphone and save it from any damage. Do not forget to check out the wide variety of mobile cases from “Motivate Box.

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