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However the world might change, the one thing that will always be disgusting are the watermarks on the tables. But luckily, coasters save our tables by keeping our drinks off the table and also making the table look good.

There are a lot of ideas about various coasters and how to make them. Clay, cork or felt or any other material coasters, you say it and we have it.

10 Popular Coasters designs we have for sale:

We have a lot of designs of coasters in our inventory and here we present to you a list of our the best-selling categories…

Donut Coasters

They are made with acrylic paint detailing inspired by the favorite fried dough. These coasters would act as a compliment to one’s morning coffee. And of course they’re not all just for they look, but made from birch rounds, they’ll support against both hot and cold beverages.


Modular Felt Coasters

These catchy coasters are sure to suit any modern space with their bold shapes and varied colors. The pictures shown below will sell you on just how cool this piece of art can be, and it can be achieved by a straight-line sewing with just a needle and thread.

Felt Coasters

A felt coaster set can also be called a minimalist’s dream coaster set. It is just a hexagon cut out of charcoal and heather gray felts that create a simple, and elegant design that makes it look great without demanding any attention. And no sewing required in the make which makes it look much more cleaner.


Geometric Coasters

Everybody adore these coasters, as well as the peachy tones that top these coasters off. The shapes were cut off from larger pieces of cork, that are found as pot holders at IKEA or simply in sheets at a local craft store. Now, these are both inexpensive options.

Pressed Flower Coasters

Isn’t there anyone who doesn’t love springtime floral? Keep the look alive no matter what the season might be with this dainty. Some pressed flowers are placed between two panes of glass, then joined with a copper edge for the look that you can’t believe your own eyes on seeing how beautiful that is.


Crisscross Coasters

Ever worried about making perfectly straight lines with other coasters? We are proud to introduce these criss-cross coasters, that are perfect for the ones who want to do freehand. In these types of coasters, a simple black and white design could be swapped to a color of any desire, and even some different geometric patterns  — you name it and we can make it.

Printable Kiwi Drink Coasters

There are certain fruits which get way too recognition but Kiwis don’t get nearly enough recognition in the fruit world, so to give these green guys what they deserve we introduce a set of coasters dedicated to them. This design is really swoon worthy and the color used is refreshing. But the original beauty is that they’re sure to make whatever drink that tops them feel much more festive.

Do you have a favorite pick from our top list of coasters?. If so feel free to order them on our website. After all, no one would want their expensive tables to get covered with watermarks or any other form of dirt.

Our inventory has a great variety of coaster designs, made for all kinds of people. We have coasters made of all sorts of materials. Our main focus is on giving the best quality at the cheapest rate. We accept all kinds of cards for the purchase made.

Apart from coasters, we also sell mobile cases, t-shirts, coffee mugs, wall frames etc. You can find all our products on our official website (the link is shown above).

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