7 Reasons to Shop Online

Do you still hesitate to do online shopping due to the threats of online fraud? If yes, then it’s time to update your facts regarding safe and credible trends emerging in online shopping. Here are top 7 reasons why online shopping is much safer and credible now.

1. E-commerce is booming:

Rapid growth in e-commerce trends is an important reason that consumers are finding online shopping more reliable. Currently, online sales have touched $142.5 billion in the US, which represents about 8 percent of retail product sales in the United States. According to a Research, online industry in United States will be worth $279 billion in 2015. According to research by Roy Morgan, in just a year till March 2013, consumers had spent around $24.3 billion on online buying.

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2. Secure Credit Card Payments:

One of the reasons why consumers hesitate in making online payments is the fear of credit/debit card information being misused in transit over the trade. But now, SSL encryption has solved this specific problem.  Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard has come to force and eradicated such breaches. As a countermeasure, e-commerce service providers and online retailers mostly protect breaches with firewalls. So, choose well and enjoy safe online shopping. Websites like Motivate Box, Amazon provide a very secure payment method using cards.

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3. Alternative payments options:

These days, it isn’t necessary that you pay only through your credit or debit card. Alternative options such as online banking are gaining popularity among the online shoppers. Cash on Delivery is picking up too!. Even e-Wallets are also used as an alternative payment option nowadays. Some of the sites that use these wallets are Paytm, Motivate Box etc.

4. Fake websites are easy to identify:

According to some recent surveys, well educated people are aware of online frauds. They apply their common sense by observing the information provided on a website. Everyone can easily identify a site by using some details like ‘about us’. If you see badly written content, bad sitemap, and spelling errors, then it clearly suggests that you shouldn’t be shopping here.

5. Available of Purchase Protection :

Generally, credit cards are a secure payment option compared to debit card. Many credit cards are now offering protection if your card is stolen, or a provider delivers bad product. Credible shipping companies also offer refunds or compensation to the damaged product or service. Many online shopping start-ups like Motivate Box give you the best customer care.

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6. Reviews and references aren’t always fake:

It’s true that online stores display fake reviews praising their products. Many reviews on these websites are bought from sites like Freelance.com. However, amidst this, lie some genuine reviews by genuine users. Checking the reviews of a product by comparing them to the reviews on other websites like Amazon, would help you gain correct information. Also, the references of trusted sites from your friends, will give you confirmation before buying.

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7. Presence of strong social media:

Social media play a great role in online shopping. Consumers can cross check the presence of a brand on highly popular social networks like Facebook, Twitter. If you come across an e-merchant, and cannot find it on Facebook, you are likely to move ahead. At the same time, there are many online consumers who keep sharing their experiences with a retailer.

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These are some of the top 7 reasons to trust online shopping. Adios!!!

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