7 Things our father taught us

This father’s day let’s take a moment to appreciate the things our fathers taught us. For the dads who had answers to questions we couldn’t find on Google. For the dads all around the world honoring their fatherhood and influence on the society. Different countries celebrate it on different dates, likewise ours is on the 3rd sunday of June. Have a happy SUNDAY, people!

1.  Family Matters

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Dads are the ones who taught us to always prioritise family and even friends above all else because it’s them who are going to be with us in times of struggle and during successes. Dads taught us to be selfless in the way they dog the daylights out to help provide for the family. The family is unconditional.

2.Stand Up For Yourself

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Fathers were the ones who originated the phrase ‘tough love’. Heard of it? They taught us how to stand up for ourselves, the art of defence – on the playground, in school, at work or home.  The right way to treat our aggression without being an aggressor and honestly, it cannot be done with a father  because we know that the mother cares but the father’s the one who shows it like it is.

3. Work Hard

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Its seen as the normal and general culture all around the world that male counterpart is the one who works who keep the family going while the female stays at home and takes care of the stuff at home. Ticking to values and the family is what a father does. He teaches us that life can be thankless but that should never stop us

4. To Be Strong

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A father is the one who can teach the child to think for itself, it becomes hard because it involves letting go of things, acknowledging what’s important and whats redundant. Fathers may not always be around us to teach us what is right and what’s not. They are the ones teaching us how to evolve with times to think critically and interpret situations accordingly.

5.Teach how to win and to lose.

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Winning is okay but so is losing. This is something that the fathers all around the world taught their children – How not to be a sore loser. In life, the sore losers and the obnoxious winners often display similar traits. It’s the father’s’ duty to teach how to be graceful in achieving- be it winning or losing.

6. Conquer It

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We know how cocky men get when they are applauded for who they are and what they have accomplished. When the little eyes are watching, it’s completely riveting and the man’s ‘take over the world’ attitude gets traded in for something to make the little eyes proud. It’s this nature that they teach us in order to make us ready for the world to conquer and make it ours

7. Be Yourself

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I know that it is one of most cliched advices present worldwide and may have heard it a million times but fathers are the best at delivering this one. Apparently, in all the families, the father are the most chilled out one – be it a dance off in a wedding or to tell a bad joke to your friends, but trust me, he’s the one having the fun.

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